Relocation Appraisal

The Relocation Appraisal

Congratulations, you have accepted a job in another town! Your employer, and possibly a relocation management firm, may be able to guide you through the steps of relocation; call on our professionals, when needed, to expedite the move and minimize your worries during this exciting time.

Before you purchase another home at your new location, you and your family may be concerned about obtaining the best price for your present home. Pricing your home to compete in the current market can greatly improve your chances for a timely, profitable sale.

A qualified real estate appraiser can help you price your home by performing a detailed market appraisal. Tighue Appraisal Group has the training and experience to appraise homes in the Mercer County and Burlington County region.

What Is a Relocation Appraisal

A relocation appraisal is an estimate – a highly educated estimate – of the most probable sales price at which your home will sell in the current market within a reasonable length of time based on the market data (sales comparison) approach to value.

The appraiser inspects the home, analyzes the factors that influence the market, and reaches a value conclusion. A “reasonable” length of marketing time depends on the conditions in your community, but typically, a relocation management firm will suggest that a reasonable period of 120 days unless market conditions indicate otherwise.

The appraisal is made as of a specific date, and the value estimated submitted should remain valid over the “normal marketing” time, assuming no market changes. One or more appraisals may be obtained by your employer or a relocation company to estimate the “market value” of your home.

Sometimes an average of two or more appraised values is utilized (depending on the company’s policy), and an additional appraisal might be asked for if there is any significant discrepancy.
Get to know the pricing of your home in the current market. Visit us today!
A relocation appraisal by a qualified professional has shown to be the best means for forecasting the price your home will bring on the open market.
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